The results are in!

This first survey was taken by my friend, Anna. Her answers are below…   1) How long have you been using Instagram?   I have been using instagram since January of 2012   2) What was your motivation to start using Instagram?   All my friends were using instagram and it was the newest way to stay […]

Your thoughts?

Hello Everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, my Instagram isn’t working all too well. So in this time where I am unable to share details about my own Instagram, I have decided to find a way to learn a little more about the fellow Instagrammers and hear their thoughts. I will be doing this through […]

And in today’s news…

Tragedy has struck. Several days ago I went to upload a new picture onto my Instagram, only to receive a notification in a small blue box at the bottom of my screen. It informed me that the action was prohibited because my SD card is full. Naturally, I terribly concerned, as any Instagrammer would be, and tried […]

Feeling a bit b…

Feeling a bit behind with the times. I was just doing a little research to see what’s new on and in relation to Instagram, and just now noticed that Instagram is not self-owned anymore. In fact they haven’t been since Monday, April 9th 2012. Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion dollars! But with the number of Instagram […]

Shopping too?!

Yes. Not only does Instagram allow users to display their life through pictures, but it also creates a unique venue for brands and companies to feature their products. Most advertisements put out by profiles are pictures of new, or upcoming products. Often times they will also host giveaways or offer discounts to those who follow them on […]

Instagram is as…

Instagram is as popular as ever, and you and I aren’t the only ones following the trend. Celebs are all over Instagram. While some accounts are fan pages, it is fairly easy to distinguish of celeb’s Instagram account. Just look for the one that contains photos that don’t look quite so professional, have embarrassing pictures of their […]

The Way I See It

Hello everyone, So today I’ve decided to tell you a little about my personal experience with Instagram. I started using the app as soon as it became available on the Android market in April of 2012. Those of my friends with iPhones kept saying how great it was, so I was really excited to discover […]


For those of who are unfamiliar with the world of Instagram, let me explain. Instagram was launched in October 2010 as an app for iphones. Later on, in the spring of 2012, it was released on the Android market. The purpose of this application was to create a social networking site that focuses entirely on capturing, […]

Hello World

This blog is a project for my COMM 220 class at 10:25 every tuesday and thursday. The topic of my blog is the fairly recent social media application Instagram. My blog will discuss the features, benefits and also the possible downsides to this app as well as share stories, preferences, tips and even pictures from fellow […]