The results are in!

This first survey was taken by my friend, Anna. Her answers are below…


1) How long have you been using Instagram?
I have been using instagram since January of 2012


2) What was your motivation to start using Instagram?
All my friends were using instagram and it was the newest way to stay connected. I like it better than twitter because pictures over words… It’s just better.


3) What age range do you fall into?

-12 to 15

-16 to 18

-19 to 21

-22 and older

 I am 18


4) What is your favorite filter on Instagram?



 5) What do you most often take/post pictures of?

 Nature, Friends, Food. My life! It captures memories.
6) What kinds of accounts do you follow?
My friends! I love staying in touch with them through their posts. Its a glimpse into their world. As well as some good photographers, not so much famous people. 
7) Is there any other information you’d like to share?

i.e.  hobbies, personal interests, Instagram related stories or maybe even one of your own Instagrampics?

Maybe later


Hope you enjoyed.  More survey results to come!


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