Pink Peonies: Fantastic Fashion

During my search for new and exciting Instagram accounts, I stumbled upon rachparcell (who’s account you can view on Webstagram). Her Instagram stems off of her blog, Pink Peonies. Both sites are filled with fabulous photos of her stylish clothes. As a designer for both Modbe and DownEast Basics, her sense of fashion is fantastic. So […]

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.

The cliche is “a picture is worth a thousand words” and several pictures, well that might just make a story. A new app, My InstaStory App, has hit the market and it allows for users to create mini-stories using pictures from Instagram. These mini-stories are no more than 40 seconds long. They can contain music and […]

How’d they do that?!

While scrolling through their newsfeed, many Instagrammers stumble upon new filters, frames and photo layouts that they have never before encountered. The initial response is often along the lines of, “I wonder how they did that?” or “I wonder if I can do that?” I cannot promise the the solution to every Instagram secret, but […]

Shooting in the Great Outdoors.

This summer the National Geographic Channel provided an amazing opportunity for those who love photography and the great outdoors. The challenge was called “Untamed Americas.” @NatGeoChannels. This challenge was inspired by the Untamed Americas’ team, who’ve spent the last two years traveling and exploring America’s wilderness and wildlife, and capturing the stunning images they find. The […]

The Popularity Contest

While Facebook is beloved in the eyes of most, there has long been and underlying competition between Instagram and Twitter. When it comes down to the number of users who visit the site on a daily basis, Twitter has been the reigning champion. Until August of this year that is. Survey results were reported from […]

Out with the Old.

We often make poor choices in life. We say or do things we regret or wish we could do over. Sometimes we simply want a fresh start. I cannot offer advice for all aspects of your life, but as far as Instagram goes I do know a thing or two. If you want to deactivate […]

The world is fu…

The world is full of budding photographers, many who posses an incredible talent when it comes to photography. However, before they can reach their full potential, they need the inspiration to get out and pursue their passion. For some, Instagram has been that inspiration. “Building Stories with Instagram” was an article by Cate Kustanczy published in the […]

Be Inspired.

Instagram provides the opportunity for users to be awed by marvelous images. It also gives non-profit organizations a platform to inspire users to support their cause. This, obviously, is achieved through unique, heartfelt and impacting photos. Mashable Social Media wrote an article pertaining to this titled; “10 Inspiring Non-Profits on Instagram.” I found this piece very interesting, and I’m […]

Only days ago I…

Only days ago Instagram was used for something unique, and what many would consider far more important than pictures of your dessert. Eleanor Day is a 79 year old woman living in Seattle, WA. For the last 5 years she has suffered from complete loss of hearing. But that’s all about to change. On Oct. […]