Fancy Photo Filter Face-Off.

Twitter is learning that if you can’t beat ’em, then you’re better of joining ’em…at least in a sense. With all the excitement as a result of Instagram, in which Facebook has also found success, Twitter is slowly sinking on the totem pole of popularity. When people tweet, they can also attach an image. However, […]


How many of you have ever wished for a quick and easy way to print the pictures that fill your Instagram profile? For those of you with Androids the Printicular app is already on the market! For those with iPhones/iPads, it is not yet available…but it is predicted to be released in the near future. […]

Tori’s Thoughts.

As more and more people join into the Instagram craze, the bigger my group of potential survey takers grows. While studying late on night in the Tucker Student Center I was talking with my friend Tori about our Instagram accounts. I asked her if she would mind filling out my survey, she willing agreed to […]

Changing How the World Sees.

A group of students at Tel-Aviv University are taking an initiative to change the way people from around the world see the country of Israel. Rather than thinking of the violence, war and destruction that has impacted the nation, these students want the world to see Israel’s rich culture, beautiful sites and thriving society. These […]

Back in Action!

After nearly 2 months without the ability to post on Instagram, I am back! This experience was very frustrating and certainly not one I wish to repeat. In an attempt to help ensure that all of you never have to endure the struggle, I’m going to share my story with you. It started in September. […]

Travel the world in real time…without ever standing up.

Several Australian creative, site developers are taking Instagram to a whole new level. They have created a site that follows a live-stream of Instagram pictures being uploaded from major cities around the globe. This is Now features a continuous thread of pictures from New York-United States, Los Angeles-United States, Las Vegas-United States, San Paolo-Brazil, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, […]