Business or Pleasure?

While for most of it’s users Instagram is a way to express creativity and share photos, it is proving it’s potential worth in the business world. has gone a step further to help businesses achieve greater success through Instagram. They have compiled a list of 5 necessary actions to build your brand. #1  Promote your products by posting appealing pictures. #2 PHOTO CONTESTS, not only do they raise interest in the brand, but they also promote free advertising all over Instagram. #3 Promotional codes, discounts and deals. We all know there’s nothing better than free/cheap stuff. #4 Get the back story, post pictures of the products as well as photos of the process to get to that point and the people who made it happened. Lastly, #5 Make your followers the focus. Since they are the ones who support your product, they will also be a key factor in the advertisement; make sure they feel valued and important. 

Best of luck!


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