Changing How the World Sees.

A group of students at Tel-Aviv University are taking an initiative to change the way people from around the world see the country of Israel. Rather than thinking of the violence, war and destruction that has impacted the nation, these students want the world to see Israel’s rich culture, beautiful sites and thriving society. These young adults are a part of the “StandWithUs Fellowship”; a program that promotes public diplomacy and leadership. Through their involvement in this group, the “Once in a Lifetime HD” project was born. The project’s purpose is to change the world’s perception of modern day Israel through pictures, and what better way to achieve this than through the most popular photo-sharing app on the market; Instagram. To achieve their goal, the project will bring ten, well-established Instagram users on an incredible trip across the Israeli landscape. On this adventure these Instagrammers will capture images of the incredible geographical features, historical and cultural sites, unique cuisine and exciting nightlife. The hope is that by sharing these images with thousands of followers the perception of Israel will change. 


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