Tori’s Thoughts.

As more and more people join into the Instagram craze, the bigger my group of potential survey takers grows. While studying late on night in the Tucker Student Center I was talking with my friend Tori about our Instagram accounts. I asked her if she would mind filling out my survey, she willing agreed to do so. Here are the results…

Instagram Survey:


1)     How long have you been using Instagram?

For about one and a half months

2)    What was your motivation to start using Instagram?

I started using instragram to filter pictures to put on facebook

3)    What age range do you fall into?

-12 to 15

-16 to 18 *****

-19 to 21

-22 and older


4)    What is your favorite filter on Instagram?


5)    What do you most often take/post pictures of?

My friends and I

6)    What kinds of accounts do you follow?

My friends only

7)     Is there any other information you’d like to share?

i.e.  hobbies, personal interests, Instagram related stories or maybe even one of your own Instagram pics?

I really enjoy creeping on other people. They post more pictures on instragram than on facebook. The pictures are more interesting and funny. 


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