Sharing his story. Appealing to the eyes and the mind.

James Whatley writes a blog: Whatleydude. The site features many stories pertaining to science fiction, comics and other “geeky” points of interest. While these sort of topics do not particularly appeal to me and my interests, a recent post of his caught my attention. Whatley has been using Instagram for a creative outlet, for which, perhaps, it was not intended. When he posts on Instagram, Whatley writes a short story that relates to the picture displayed above. These tiny tales are fiction, often with a science fiction/futuristic feel to it. Whatley claims that his inspiration came from the writings of Philip K. Dick and Warren Ellis. Maybe this is simply a phase or possibly, it is the beginning of new-fangled trend. Only time for tell. For now let us simply enjoy the wonderful words, which Whatley writes. 

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