Event Story #1 (Draft)

The sound of hushed whispered intermingles with the rustle of bodies rushing back and forth, while figures dressed all in black pace the floor as they spit out anxious directions into their headsets. The tension seems almost palpable tonight; months of sleepless nights, sweat, tears and injuries have brought everyone to this moment; Opening Night. […]

Interview Story #2

“7% of people look forwards to going to work, and I count myself lucky to be among them.” These are the words of Dr. Tom Jones, who is currently the Associate Dean of the Honors Program, as well as a Biology professor, at Gardner-Webb University. Jones started at GWU in 1980 working as a part […]

I like what I see.

Everyone knows that your sight is an incredibly important sense. It not only determines what you can see, but also effects how you perceive them. In the business of real estate, it is crucial for customers to see, and perceive the properties well. Another important is the list of contacts within your network. These connections […]

The People Behind the Panties.

Tonight is the acclaimed Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Regardless of what your opinion might be in relation to this event, there is no denying that it draws much attention from both men and women. Beautiful women model extravagant, and often over-the-top lingerie on the runway. In honor of the Angels, who will represent the Victoria Secret line, […]

Bustin’ Out the Can: Spam.

It’s an un-avoidable issue. Wherever you are on the internet, whatever you’re doing…spam will always find its way in. In the past, while Instagram has dealt with spam, it has never been overwhelming. However, recently the amount of spam on Instagram has spiked dramatically. According to the site, All Instagram, this recent increase is a […]

Fancy Photo Filter Face-Off.

Twitter is learning that if you can’t beat ’em, then you’re better of joining ’em…at least in a sense. With all the excitement as a result of Instagram, in which Facebook has also found success, Twitter is slowly sinking on the totem pole of popularity. When people tweet, they can also attach an image. However, […]


How many of you have ever wished for a quick and easy way to print the pictures that fill your Instagram profile? For those of you with Androids the Printicular app is already on the market! For those with iPhones/iPads, it is not yet available…but it is predicted to be released in the near future. […]