Fighting For Peace; All From Your Fingertips.

The recent, and greatly increased violence between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip has caused grave concerns and deadly consequences. It has left many hoping for a cease-fire. CNN follows the story and an Israeli, Ido Simyoni who has asked those on Instagram to join together and raise awareness about this conflict. They will do/are doing so by sharing photos using the hashtag #stoptheterror in an effort to initiative peaceful actions between warring forces in the Middle East. 


Tori’s Thoughts.

As more and more people join into the Instagram craze, the bigger my group of potential survey takers grows. While studying late on night in the Tucker Student Center I was talking with my friend Tori about our Instagram accounts. I asked her if she would mind filling out my survey, she willing agreed to do so. Here are the results…

Instagram Survey:


1)     How long have you been using Instagram?

For about one and a half months

2)    What was your motivation to start using Instagram?

I started using instragram to filter pictures to put on facebook

3)    What age range do you fall into?

-12 to 15

-16 to 18 *****

-19 to 21

-22 and older


4)    What is your favorite filter on Instagram?


5)    What do you most often take/post pictures of?

My friends and I

6)    What kinds of accounts do you follow?

My friends only

7)     Is there any other information you’d like to share?

i.e.  hobbies, personal interests, Instagram related stories or maybe even one of your own Instagram pics?

I really enjoy creeping on other people. They post more pictures on instragram than on facebook. The pictures are more interesting and funny. 

Changing How the World Sees.

A group of students at Tel-Aviv University are taking an initiative to change the way people from around the world see the country of Israel. Rather than thinking of the violence, war and destruction that has impacted the nation, these students want the world to see Israel’s rich culture, beautiful sites and thriving society. These young adults are a part of the “StandWithUs Fellowship”; a program that promotes public diplomacy and leadership. Through their involvement in this group, the “Once in a Lifetime HD” project was born. The project’s purpose is to change the world’s perception of modern day Israel through pictures, and what better way to achieve this than through the most popular photo-sharing app on the market; Instagram. To achieve their goal, the project will bring ten, well-established Instagram users on an incredible trip across the Israeli landscape. On this adventure these Instagrammers will capture images of the incredible geographical features, historical and cultural sites, unique cuisine and exciting nightlife. The hope is that by sharing these images with thousands of followers the perception of Israel will change. 

Back in Action!

After nearly 2 months without the ability to post on Instagram, I am back! This experience was very frustrating and certainly not one I wish to repeat. In an attempt to help ensure that all of you never have to endure the struggle, I’m going to share my story with you. It started in September. When I tried to add a picture to my Instagram it would not open the camera, instead a small box appeared at the bottom of the screen that said “SD card full”.  I tried to clear up my SD card by deleting pictures and other applications that were on it, but nothing helped. I even asked my tech-savvy boyfriend to try and fix it. He too was perplexed with the fact that the SD card didn’t seem to empty. He suggested that I try to reinstall the application on my phone. I didn’t think that would work, so I shrugged off the idea. Until last night, that is. While laying in bed yesterday evening I decided to ask Google for some advice. I found a help page on Instagram’s website. The advice it gave said to uninstall the Instagram application then reinstall it. Click here for a link to the actual page. By doing this I also upgraded to the most recent and advanced version of Instagram! And I am proud to say that it all worked and Instagram is good as new!


Travel the world in real time…without ever standing up.

Several Australian creative, site developers are taking Instagram to a whole new level. They have created a site that follows a live-stream of Instagram pictures being uploaded from major cities around the globe. This is Now features a continuous thread of pictures from New York-United States, Los Angeles-United States, Las Vegas-United States, San Paolo-Brazil, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, London-England, Stockholm-Sweden, Madrid-Spain, Paris-France, Tel-Aviv-Israel, Tokyo-Japan, Sydney-Australia. Those who love to capture beautiful sites can upload these images through Geo-Tagging and using the hashtag #thisisnow. In it’s first two weeks the site gained 450,00 users and over a million pictures. This is Now is a third-party features and does not have any direct association with Instagram.

All Around the World.

Instagram enables its users to take amazing pictures in incredible places. With the geo-tagging feature on Instagram you can share these geographical hot spots with your friends and followers all over the globe. Geo-tagging takes place after the step when filters and other editing features are applied. The location of the photo is attached so all your followers can see where you’ve been. With Instagram 3.0 upgrade the geo-tagging feature is taken to the next level through the introduction of Photo Map. Photo Map can be accessed by clicking a newly added button on the user’s profile. By clicking on this icon a map will appear with destinations all marked by pictures taken at those locations. This is a great way to see the traveling that’s taken place over the years; something that cannot be easily done on a traditional newsfeed. 

Looking to create a unique and personalized calendar? Well look no further. You can create one Insta-ly using Printstagram. Printstagram in a program that allows you to upload your Instagram photos and create some amazing and personalized photo projects. The most popular is creating a calendar using one of three available layouts. These flip-book style calendars features an Instagram photo, Polaroid style, for every day of the year. The cost? Around $40.00. But this could be a fantastic gift idea! Another fun opportunity Printstagram offers is the ability to turn your Instagram photos into stickers. How fun!

I am thrilled at the discovery of this site. I hope you’ll check it out as well!

Business or Pleasure?

While for most of it’s users Instagram is a way to express creativity and share photos, it is proving it’s potential worth in the business world. has gone a step further to help businesses achieve greater success through Instagram. They have compiled a list of 5 necessary actions to build your brand. #1  Promote your products by posting appealing pictures. #2 PHOTO CONTESTS, not only do they raise interest in the brand, but they also promote free advertising all over Instagram. #3 Promotional codes, discounts and deals. We all know there’s nothing better than free/cheap stuff. #4 Get the back story, post pictures of the products as well as photos of the process to get to that point and the people who made it happened. Lastly, #5 Make your followers the focus. Since they are the ones who support your product, they will also be a key factor in the advertisement; make sure they feel valued and important. 

Best of luck!

Tracking the Storm.

In the wake of the devastating aftermath caused by Hurricane Sandy, all the news networks are looking for new details, shocking stories and the pictures and videos that capture these moments. CNN is tapping into the newest social media craze, Instagram. They are asking for viewers and victims of the storm to Instagram  their pictures, using the hashtag #cnnireport. Members of the CNN team will review the photos, which may end up online or even on tv. So get out there and start Instagraming the signs of Sandy, but please do so carefully and with caution.

The Taste You Can See…

It’s more than just a catch phrase for Skittles, it could be a new approach for reaching Instagram users who love to dine on delicious delicacies as well as photograph the culinary creations they enjoy. A new idea has hit the Instagram market. It was created for use by a new latin american cuisine restaurant in The Big Apple, called Comodo. When diners take pictures of their entrees, which are appealing to both the eye and the palette, they can upload them to Comodo’s virtual menu on Instagram. All they need to do is add the hashtag #ComodoMenu . Who knows how this trend will spread? Maybe someday soon will all be placing our orders off of pictures on our iphones.